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School News: First graders collect bird nests to work in the wild. The toddlers in room F draw pictures. Room A needs more desks. There are a lot of people. Miss Beer and her students visited Mr. Klinkhammer at the bank and saw his pet gray squirrel. Students in Room D studied Benjamin Franklin, did some of his electrical experiments, and studied his words.

Mr. and Mrs. John Heiland are at home in the Piemeisel Residence on Varner Street.

The wet and cloudy weather of the past two weeks caused inconvenience to farmers who attempted to harvest clover seeds and damaged the crop.

Ducks have never been so rare as this fall and hunters are having less fun than usual.

The weather last week was fairly cool, with a strong wind prevailing most of the time.

V. Heldale and C. Jenny are building the basement and foundations for Hagie’s Cottage on Upper First Street.

The Omaha Depot waiting room has been made more comfortable and respectful with a new oiled hardwood floor. Hall block signals are installed at the station. The tower is nearly 9 meters high and can be seen from a distance by train officers approaching the station.

Doc Metzer returned from the Windy Dakotas on the first of the week and is now maintaining his “sit” grip.

A crew of men pulls gravel train after train out of the Caswells pit this week for use along the M & St.L line. railroad to the south for the improvement of the platform before the onset of winter.

Arens Brothers have already loaded seven wagons of sugar beets and will load several more from their twelve-acre plot and ship them to the St. Louis Park plant. It’s nice to have sugar on our table from locally grown beets.


Lakeville celebrates the completion of highway paving from Minneapolis on Lyndale Avenue and the new bridge.

It’s said to be the best “beet slicing” race of the season at the Minnesota Sugar Company in Chaska.

A Rosemount man had a bad wreckage in his car at the Pieper Turn a mile west of Jordan on the Daniel Boone Trail on Monday. William Blume drove the Rosemount man home in Blume’s lavish six-cylinder closed car.

William, Leo, John and Ed Nachbar are all shredding corn on their farms with their machines this week.

The crew of men and their trucks have finished hauling gravel out of the Louis Holzer gravel mine near Saint-Benoît.

The high school’s Boys and Girls Glee Club is busy rehearsing a musical “The Captain of Plymouth” for a performance in December.

The largest film and conference under the auspices of Lodge Chrudin # 23 Western Bohemian Fraternal Association will take place on Saturday, October 22. It will be shown four reels of films from Czecho-Slovakia and one reel of educational and up-to-date historical material from the Czecho-Slovak Republic. It starts at 8 p.m. Admission is 30 cents and 15 cents.

Join the Jordan Athletic Club. Any man or young man from Jordan and the surrounding area who wishes to join is welcome as long as he abides by the rules and regulations. The cost of membership is $ 5 for the entire season, from November 1 to March 1, 1922, or $ 1.50 per month. Members will have access to the public school gymnasium, equipment and showers on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Sponsored by the American Legion.

Proposed improvements to the Woodrow Wilson Way include a lowering of the Helena Street level at the corner of the Joseph Grams Residence and a widening of the creek bank road from the Shutz and Hilgers Brewery to the west after the Jordan Brewing factory. The latter will include the construction of a retaining wall in the creek, a considerable backfill and a diversion of the cleaned creek in this area. The entire upgrade will connect with the heavy embankment further south. It will also include a straightening and widening of the Tepley Bridge at the southern end of this stretch of highway under reconstruction.


Several degrees of frost were recorded yesterday morning, then the sun came out in all its colors. The rain fell last Sunday. While on his way to the post office last Thursday, George Jaeger reported that snowflakes were falling, but melting on landing.

Four 17-year-old boys were captured in Hibbing after a robbery there and confessed to holding Walter Borchardt at his gas station in Lydia last week. They were also guilty of three other Scott County burglaries. All four boys were escapees or parolees from the Red Wing training school and will now return.

Structural tiles replaced the flooring on the two-story porch at the Filler Variety store on Water Street, which was destroyed by fire last year.

Mr. and Mrs. Kinsay of WCCO were in town Monday to do some groundwork for Cedric Adams of Scott County’s Hub presentation on Adam’s “Your Home Town” program.

There will be a “Sausage Supper and Bingo Party” in the St. John’s Dining Room on Sunday evening, October 28, starting at 5:00 pm. Adults $ 1.25, children 75 cents.

The St. John’s Choir and St. Benedict’s Choir joined in the dedication program for the new pipe organ at St. John’s Church in Union Hill last Sunday. It is an electric traction organ with two pedals and two keyboards, finished in dark walnut.

The “M-Club” is sponsoring a “Thanksgiving Variety Party” at Jordan High School on Tuesday, November 6 at 8:30 pm There will be an old and new dance, cards and a snack bar. Come and win a turkey or a goose. Register for door prizes. Admission: Adults 50 centimes and children 10 centimes.

Elmo Stillwell displayed his stationery line at the Pharmacists’ Convention in Minneapolis last week.

Most of the plowed land on Joseph Stocker’s Minnesota River farm at the Jordan Bridge was submerged in high water until mid-April. Yet fast growing corn and a good summer produced excellent corn.

Watch out, farmers, Uncle Sam wants your old junk, your tin, and your metals. We pay the best prices. Automatic demolition of Link, Jordan.


Some 120 members and friends of the Jordan Chapter of the Eastern Order of the Stars gathered on Friday, October 18 to celebrate the Chapter’s Diamond Jubilee.

Jonathan R. Lee of Jordan has been appointed director of promotion and public relations for Brown & Bigelow, a motivational communications company based in St. Paul and the nation’s largest calendar producer.

Lee, 34, from Austin. He and his wife Sally and his daughter, Barbara Jean, reside in the Jordanian countryside.

American Legion Station No. 3 Robert Patterson arranged for the officers to be installed on the patio at Wey Kerkow on Tuesday, October 19 at 8 p.m. The new officers installed were Harvey Anderson, commanding officer; Werner Deutsch Jr., vice-commander; Harold Nachbar, finance officer, May Casey, chaplain, Geo. Jackelen, duty officer; Robert Slavicek, Sergeant-at-Arms; Louis Holzer, historian; and Clem Schorn, adjutant.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Eischens on Sunday October 17 at St. Francis Hospital in Shakopee.

John Seifert submitted a photo, looking 775 feet from the top floor of the nearing completion IDS building in Minneapolis. He saw the Foshay building, previously the tallest building in the city. Mike Page and Earl Heimkes are also working on the IDS building in Jordan.

Jordan’s VFW Post 2874 is having a Halloween party for parents on Sunday evening, October 31 at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome.

The Arlington Indians won first place in the Minnesota River Conference game, beating the Hubmen winless Friday night in Arlington, 25-0.


Jordanian residents will soon feel the effects of rising waste costs. Mark Johnson of Mark’s Sanitation, a garbage hauler for the city of Jordan and surrounding areas, told Jordanian council members on Monday evening that his costs for dumping garbage are expected to rise significantly on January 1. limit.

Broadway Street received a fresh coat of asphalt this week.

The median value of owner-occupied dwellings in Jordan increased 39% between 1980 and 1990 to reach $ 69,400.

Melvin and Loretta Wermerskirchen’s six children and their families recently hosted a celebration weekend for their immediate family in honor of their parents’ 50th wedding anniversary at Stonewing in Breezy Point. Melvin and Loretta were married on October 7, 1941 at St. John’s Catholic Church in Union Hill.

Ms. Ann Hartman of Jordan was one of the 15 nominees for Best Home Child Care Providers in 1991.

Sixth grade students from St. John’s with their teacher and parents attended the camp October 8-11

The Jordan Jaguar volleyball team beat Mankato-Loyola 15-6, 15-6, 15-6, in their only game this week. The Jaguars’ top servers were JoAnn Mader, Heather Senske, Sarah Cecka, Carla Bruggeman, Rachel Langsweirdt and Calista Frederickson.

The Jordan Hubmen closed out a regular season by beating the Montgomery Red Birds 365-0 on Oct. 16 in Jordan in front of a crowd of parents.

The Hubmen won their Section 5B playoff opener, beating the Watertown-Mayer Royals 29-8 Tuesday night in Jordan. Jordan’s record is now 7-2 for the season and they play Rockford at Rockford.

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