Advanced Training Athletic Club (ATAC) ends 2021 with amazing improvements

Seeing how balanced your strength is and how you stack up against your peers is crucial for those really tough little wins.

Founder and CEO Bryan Heller worked closely with ATAC’s internal development and design team to integrate ATAC Intelligence (Ai) into existing functionality, resulting in significantly improved technology. Additionally, ATAC has actively worked to build and support its loyal user community through creative storytelling marketing campaigns. Several new ATAC “ambassadors” are making strides in creating an exciting and fresh physical and mental collective.

Heller explains that when building a sense of community, you need people who truly believe in the product and who create a sense of oneness among the stalwart members. “We want people to tell and share their stories. This unity among customers is the beating heart of our growing business, ”says Heller. He goes on to state the truth about his own diversity and wrestling is something all athletes can relate to. ATAC provides a space where one can find solace in “the grind”. This adage comes from one of ATAC’s most comprehensive ambassadors, Reece Humphrey, in a collaborative video project they released titled “Reece Humphrey: Training Philosophy”.

Heller’s marketing strategy is nothing less than innovation at its best. With weekly retention rates of over 20% on average and a monthly moving average of over 1,000 active users, Heller is gaining ground in its march to invade the fitness industry.

ATAC’s new features combine top-notch aesthetics with an industry-disruptive virtual strength trainer. The gamified ATAC foundation is still alive today as users complete workouts and activities to earn points that determine their place in the leaderboard, and earn XP for leveling up and unlocking hidden content. However, with the new strength program, users can start to feel the power of AI. The methodology behind the AI-based strength program is shared by top NCAA programs and top professionals, and includes specific training for 13 muscle groups and over 100 exercises; the majority of which have new demonstration videos. Each plan is customized based on the user’s competition schedule (in-season or off-season), the number of days planned to be strength training and its results in base and current strength assessments . Athletes can follow the plan exactly or customize muscle groups and exercises for each workout. Even when personalized, Ai still prescribes reps and weights for each set to guide the user towards their strength goals.

Speaking of hitting goals, tracking your progress couldn’t be easier. The new comparison tool plots strength gains with each workout, compares results to peer results, and identifies strength imbalances. User experience is always the top priority for Heller, as he says, “Seeing how balanced your strength is and how you stack up against your peers is crucial for these really tough little wins. ATAC’s AI allows its users the flexibility of choice but provides a structure for serious sport development that is now represented visually.

Heller’s main mantra in life is, “If you want to see a change, you have to make a change.” This mantra rings true for athletes who are dedicated to ATAC. ATAC’s platform and social multiverse is where athletes can go to get the superior guidance and support they need to reach their ultimate potential. We are all # Here2LevelUp.

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