Agur at European athletics?

After the ridiculousness of Granada, more than one should take note of the absurdity of recent weeks. I don’t think that’s the root cause of what was perpetrated at Los Cármenes, but after the embarrassment anyone might wonder if we’re really up to it, from the fans to the locker room. What concentrated energy debating the name of the occupant of the Athletic bench for next season!

With Europe at stake, contacts with future hopefuls before the current coach. This one stirs wickedly. Without showing his desire, he clings to the contracting party’s approach. And the person responsible for the fact that there is no contracting party, profile and delaying the election date. And the press conferences, centered on the subject. With what was at stake. Not to mention the role of some.

Meanwhile, the most important thing, points, for Granada. Was the team really up to what occupied and worried it, the present or the things to come?

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We debate before an election is called what should not be debated or during elections, dating them to when they do the least damage. The coach would be hired by the president-elect, never after being part of a lottery and name auction. The work team would be formed after knowing what there is and the shortcomings of the house and with time to decide on hiring, departure, departure and entry, not with a pre-season almost started, expired contracts and do without who does not even know how they work to bring others whose names give votes.

It was avoidable by calling the elections at another time. Unfortunately, we’ve had a trainer-themed circus for some time.

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