Alton Athletic Association plans banner project

Photo by Dylan Suttles


For the telegraph

ALTON – Madeline Eades, president of the Alton Athletic Association (AAA), wants people to know about the diversity of college and high school athletic athletes.

At Wednesday’s Alton City Council meeting, Eades and AAA member Craig Lombardi asked for council’s blessing for the Alton Redbird Beautification Diversity Project, in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club of Alton. The group plans to hang banners on green light poles on College and Washington Avenues and State Street, showcasing Alton high and middle school student athletes.

“We really want to give our students something they’re passionate about,” Eades said. “Something to lead slightly younger children, or even our current students, to succeed in school and in sport.”

Eades said the banners will remain indefinitely, rotating the banners each time a student graduates. In addition to the streetlights, Eades and Lombardi also requested permission from the city to erect a land sign on Landmarks Boulevard.

“We really want to bring some real excitement back to the city,” Lombardi said. “We really want to take it to a different level.”

The AAA is now fundraising for the banners. The council took no action on the banners Wednesday, but city officials will contact the AAA about the project.

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