ATHLETIC 0-CELTA 2 | Celta deny Europe to Athletic

Europe remains in the vault of oblivion, locked up under seven keys in a dark room in San Mamés. Celta were responsible for ruining almost every option for an Athletic who sees the seventh square with binoculars. His worst home game leads to depression. A day to forget, that there is nowhere to take it. He revived a Vigo team that did a rondo for 90 minutes. Sometimes these great matches came out, round work from start to finish in which the orchestra sounded very in tune. Two hours of beautiful music with the ball, which make the parish of Balaidos shrug their shoulders: why does the team not always show this attitude? He was ten times more than Athletic in terms of tactics, technique and intensity, with three appearances he scored one goal and left Simón three inches away because he could barely show himself. Pitada des bons, the first of the Marcelino era. deserved.

The staging of Chacho surprises. Towards the adventure in the rival area, he left his defense almost in the bones, supported by central defenders Araújo and Aidoo, as the full-backs lived in someone else’s pitch and Beltrán sometimes appeared there, but only to start attacking play. What followed was an attacking whirlwind, with many players rooted in the box looking for the goal. The Celtiña coach had complained about the drowsiness of his players in recent games, the very tight defense near the surface, and presented a completely opposite face: his boys were enormously aggressive in the fight and very eager to have the ball, although this position allowed to leave many spaces behind the center of the field. It has accumulated a lot of people in dangerous areas.

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*Data updated as of April 17, 2022

Athletics had much less aggressiveness, which was strange because it was the one that was played the most, in addition to continuing at the counter where tickets for Europe are taken out. He barely had the ball and so when he lost it it was difficult to press in the high areas. If he hooked one on Dituro, he would throw Aspas and Mina long, who have a big body with a defense.

The sailors put on the work suit and dominated the first part. In the 11th minute, the prize came for them. A poor clearance from Vivian in the crescent of the surface was the source of the visitor’s goal. Brais appeared to send a ball comfortably into the heart of the area and the undetectable Aspas, who while not the smartest in class, won Vivian’s position and scored without Yeray covering it. No less than 14 points to Moaña’s assistant.

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LaLiga Santander

*Data updated as of April 17, 2022

The empanada was not Galician this time, it was worn by a team from Bilbao: Athletic. Brais himself at 30 minutes had a low shot that went past Simón’s post after a poor clearance from Yeray. Celta grew like foam, their mastery of the game generated confidence and a very appropriate attitude.

A bad start to the game from Vencedor, very rushed for no apparent reason, proved the second sky blue goal right. At minute 38, Beltrán kicked a shoe from around 25 yards and the ball slipped past Simón, who could have done more. You took advantage of two clear chances from Coudet’s team. They handled the ball as they pleased and didn’t let the lions out.

This demanded a revolution, to break with all the established Galician order. And Marcelino tried it with three changes. He placed Zarraga in midfield, Nico Williams on the wing, so he moved Berenguer to the top, and Villalibre with the latter to the top. His intensity and presence in Dituro’s domain went up a notch, but he still lacked clarity of ideas. Raul Garcia was the last bullet. He went in search of the miracle, but the team did not give the right. Those handling the ball looked desperate, opening their arms in general passivity. And faced with this situation, the rivals withdraw very comfortably and structure themselves masterfully. Raúl and Villalibre were two references, but they had to be fed. If they were expecting the food to come from the outside, nothing like it, as Petxarroman and Yuri didn’t create any situation to damage the centers. Yes, there was a decent cross from little Williams for Rulo at minute 89, which he finished and finally something from Dituro was seen.

Misfortune reappeared to lure Villalibre, who fell once again. Galán, fantastic at La Catedral, dried Nico Williams. Thus, Chacho controlled all waterways. They were so comfortable that they could take advantage of the afternoon to have their nails done or have a massage. Coudet made a tactical change to end the swim. He put three inside, Beltrán, Tapia and Denis and opened the field with Nolito on the left. He amplified his virtues in the aerial game and began to fantasize how far he could have gone this year with this version of his Celta.

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