Athletic Club striker Nico Williams honored to play for Spain

Athletic Club striker Nico Williams says he is honored to play for Spain after picking him ahead of Ghana.

In his second match for the Spanish national team, Nico Williams was instrumental in leading Spain to a repeat Nations League ‘final four’ and the young Athletic winger has already emerged as a firm contender to make part of the team that will go to the World Cup in Qatar.

The 20-year-old helped Alvaro Morata score the decisive goal as Spain beat Portugal 1-0 in Braga to advance to the last four of the Nations League.

“For me it’s an honor to be here. Helping the team and being here is a dream for me. Morata told me the goal was mine, but I saw him there alone and I thought about passing it on to him,” Nico said.

When Nico Williams was asked if the blame was on him, he replied emphatically: “I think I’m fine. Little by little, I grow as a player and as a person. He also revealed what the coach demanded of him: “Luis Enrique told me to be brave, to face up, to be myself, and that’s how it is.”

His wish now is to represent Spain at the World Cup, but he admitted that it’s not just up to him. “Going to the World Cup is the coach’s decision, but I hope I can be there,” said Nico Williams, greeted by Luis Enrique and all his teammates.

“Nico, in his second game, played a key role with Carvajal’s pass in the middle. I just had to push it,” said Álvaro Morata. When we have to give the size, we give it. We are a good group and we deserve it. It was a difficult match. I stick with the attitude of this team.”

Nico Williams’ older brother Inaki plays for Ghana.

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