Athletic Club vs Alaves predictions, betting tips and odds │ OCTOBER 1, 2021



Athletic Club vs Alaves predictions, betting tips and odds │ OCTOBER 1, 2021

Alavés caused a sensation by beating Atlético in the last round. However, Athletic won’t let himself be treated like this. Bilbao must win at home.

Athletic Club lost to Primera División newcomer Rayo Vallecano in the last round. what was that? Nothing in particular. Rayo is doing well this season, anything but an underdog in the championship. Athletic lost against a strong team, but this is clearly not the level for a team fighting for European competitions.

Athletic Club are in dire need of points, otherwise they can forget about the Europa League and especially the Champions League. Getting into the Champions League this year in Spain is easy, at least for athletic-level teams. Now is the perfect time to seize the opportunity. Alavés is not really an obstacle, that’s for sure.

It is better not to change your attitude towards Alavés after a victory against Atlético. First of all, that’s how it’s going this season for them. And for once, the Mattresses were unlucky. Second, Alavés has had five straight losses before that, and no one has forgotten that.

Well, of course, Alavés is not at the same level as Athletic who are very motivated at the moment. They are sure not to repeat the mistake of their striped “friends” from Madrid.

Under Marcelino, the Athletic is playing very competently in defense. It will be easier to play defense against Alavés than against any other team. That’s why you should consider betting that Alaves doesn’t score. The Athletic Club will achieve a confident victory over the opponent and continue their fight for European competitions. Good luck to everyone!


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