Boston and District Athletic Club youth continue to progress

Louise Hirst impressed again for Boston.

In the under-20 section, Luke Saunders returned to competition earning three second places in the 100 meters in 13.0 seconds, the 400 meters in 64.9 seconds and the 1500 meters in 5 minutes 23.7 seconds.

Louise Hirst continued to extend her consistent strong performance in the triple jump with a winning jump of 10.91m and added shooting victories with a putt of 9.39m and a 100m in 13.5 seconds.

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In the same age group, Hannah Hardwick demonstrated the progress she has made in 2022 by winning the 400 meters in 74.5 seconds and finishing second in the 100 meters, clocking 13.9 seconds.

Jess Newlin clocked 15.6 seconds for 100 yards and putt the Shot 6.11m. In the men’s under-17 age category, McKye Bird finished second in the 100 meters in 12.1 seconds.

Five “Gold Tops” under the age of 15 participated in the last development meeting. Hayden Quantrill had three first-place finishes in shooting with 8-00m, 10.72 in the triple jump and in the 100 meters with 12.9 seconds.

Issy Reid won the women’s under-15 javelin with a throw of 15.71m. and earned third place in Shot with a putt of 6.46m.

Julia Paluch finished second in both shots with 6.60m and 100m in 14.4 seconds and won the 75m hurdles in 14.5 seconds.

Macey Dimberlaine was the outstanding winner of the Under 15 Girls Shot by recording an impressive 9.50m. In the same event, Millie Doubleday finished in fourth place with 6.26m. In the under-13 age group, Kirsten Richardson won the triple jump with a clearance of 7.53m and was second in the 70m hurdles in 15.8 seconds and third in the open. 1500 meters, in 6 minutes 23.3 seconds.

Isabella Pike was third in the triple jump with 6.46m, the 70m hurdles in 18.0 seconds and second in the javelin with 7.49m.

events on the ground. Jacob Creasey, one of five BADAC Under 11 competitors, crossed the finish line first in the 80 meter Sprint, clocking 12.9 seconds.

A jump of 2.59m in the long jump earned Jacob third place and 16.39m in the Whizzer Throw earned him another third place. Oliver Pike won the Whizzer with a massive effort measuring 25.86m and added a second in the long jump with 2.70m and a third in the 80m, clocking 14.8 seconds.

On the girls’ side, Emily Ward won the long jump with a leap of 2.85m and finished third in both 80 meters clocking 13.3 seconds. and the Whizzer Throw with 12.76m. Lexi Atkinson and Lucy Ambrose gained competitive experience in the Long Jump and Whizzer events. In the under-9 section, Frankie Goff won the women’s 70m sprint in 12.7 seconds and took second place in the whistle throw with 11.18m and third in the long jump at 1.77 Mr.

Rosalie Barnett earned three second positions over 70 meters in 13.1 seconds, 150 meters in 29.6 seconds and the Whizzer with 11.18m.

Evie Nolan won the long jump with 2.14m and took third place in both the 70 meters in 13.2 seconds and the 150 meters in 29.8 seconds.

On the boys’ side, Ellis Richardson won the 150 meters in 29.3 seconds and was second in the 70 meters.

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