Carolina Athletic Association presidential election heads to second round

CLARIFICATION: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated Luke Hines’ school year. The article has been updated to reflect the appropriate class of Hines. The Daily Tar Heel apologizes for this mistake.

The Carolina Athletic Association will hold its second round of presidential elections on Tuesday between candidates Luke Hines and Kade Sutton.

The role of the President is to represent student-athletes within the CAA and to act as a liaison between UNC Athletics and student sports fans.

Hines and Kade Sutton were not initially registered to run, but no other candidates came forward for the position. Originally, the two candidates were to create petitions and collect student signatures. The candidate with the most signatures would have their name on the final ballot.

But the voting students wrote down the names of Kade Sutton and Hines, resulting in a run-off.

Hines, a sophomore major in economics, statistics and analysis, said he had focused his campaign on ticket distribution, athlete advocacy and working with UNC students and athletes.

“I’m not in CAA now – I saw it as a call to action when I saw no one showing up for it,” Hines said. “I saw that there were things that needed to be changed. I wanted CAA to get more involved, to reach out to more people. I want them to be the best they can be because at the end of the day they represent the students, they represent the athletes and they are a symbol of Carolina.

He also plans to continue the partnership with Carolina Fever, an award-based program that encourages participation in all UNC sporting events.

“I want to give people different opportunities to get their tickets so that their needs can be met regardless of their situation. You can’t do it if you only have one way to get a ticket, ”Hines said, referring to the current lottery ticket system.

Kade Sutton, a junior specializing in public policy, said he had based his campaign on increasing participation in all sporting events, as well as the return of special events that occurred before the COVID-19 pandemic, such as Bosh Bash, Dance Marathons and Beat Duke Week, and keep graduate students involved in the athletic scene.

“We want students to be enthusiastic and involved in Olympic sports and unpaid sports. Obviously everyone is really excited to attend men’s football and basketball games, but participation in lacrosse, volleyball, gymnastics, softball, tennis, swimming – participation just isn’t there, ”said Kade Sutton.

“I have been involved with the Carolina Athletic Association for three years. This is one of the first organizations I was involved with at UNC, ”said Kade Sutton. “I want to make sure that the students have an improved and great experience, especially after this COVID passage. ”

The CAA President will oversee all association presidents and committees, including campus relations, sports marketing, special projects and ticketing. The president oversees all positions while serving as the primary voice in the athletics department.

Kensley Sutton, graduate student and current CAA president, said she will work to ease the transition and help the next president succeed as much as possible.

“I want CAA to continue supporting our entire student body and share the enthusiasm behind our teams for years to come,” she said.

During her tenure, she also added the role of representative of graduate and professional students to the firm. She hopes to inform the next president about who they represent, how the organization works and what their job will be for the next year.

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