Chicago Athletic Association Chicago – Library Bar

The Chicago Athletic Association (CAA) is an elite, hidden, and multi-faceted space in the heart of the Loop. Located directly across from Millennium Park, the CAA is primarily an established hotel where tourists can retreat to from busy Michigan Avenue. Plus, there are several bars and restaurants waiting for you inside, including Cindy’s rooftop bar and a Shake Shack; However, I think the crown jewel of this hotel is their lounge.

This large room is entirely designed in wood with large functional fireplaces and soft armchairs and sofas on which hotel guests and tourists can sit. The ambience of the space resembles a library in the Harry Potter book series or an Ivy League college study lounge. There are plenty of tea, coffee, libation and light snack choices on their menu for when a waiter stops by. For those looking for more activity, directly across from the drawing room is a game room, with a pool table, bocce ball, and shuffleboard.

You’ll often see a group of employees at this location on a happy hour outing after work. There are plenty of ways to explore this hotel’s public spaces, and it’s a place to score and rest after a stroll through Millennium Park or the Art Institute.

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