Darien Old Timers Athletic Association 2021 Archives

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Darien Old Timers Athletic Association (DOTAA), a grassroots organization founded in 1961 to recognize outstanding athletes from the Darien community, will celebrate its 60th anniversary with its annual dinner on Monday, November 8 at Water’s Edge at Giovanni’s. — an announcement from the Darien Old Timers Athletic Association

The annual dinner will be an opportunity to celebrate the past athletic achievements of former Darien athletes and the funds raised will be used to provide annual scholarships to Darien High School seniors (not just athletes) and to support Darien social services. This year’s winners include:

Jeff Bak, DHS ’84 (football) and played for Clemson University
Wes Barton, DHS ’92, receiving the James Carlson Award for Courage and Achievement in the Face of Adversity (Lacrosse and Football)
Tracey Stewart Bird, DHS ’80 (diving), dived for Stanford and currently coaches at Harvard
Michael Koenig, DHS ’80 (soccer)
Tom O’Malley, DHS ’84 (posthumous) (soccer)
Jayme Stevenson, receiving the Community Civic Award, Darien first coach
Mark von Kreuter, DHS ’80 (posthumous) (soccer)

“We are proud to celebrate the contributions of Darien’s sporting achievements over the past sixty years. This year’s recipients are an impressive selection of men and women who have impacted the community of Darien and beyond with their athletic and civic achievements,” said Bill Peters, President of the Darien Old Timers Athletic Association. .

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