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Ille Kukk’s days are mainly spent teaching and motivating young track athletes. The former Estonian top middle and long distance runner started her coaching work in the early 1990s and also started teaching at the Kõrveküla school in the 2000s.

“I always appreciate that it’s physical education and not movement studies. And a student should always train in physical education. And that I gave them something after they left the girl. . And another thing, they should be happy and want to come back to class, “Kukk said.” You need the necessary equipment, which we can’t complain about here. “

The teacher said that the students at Kõrveküla school saw her more as a trainer than a teacher.

Ille Kukk was presented for recognition of the European Athletics Association by the Estonian Athletics Association. The track season has been a success for the Estonian as her pupil Uku Renek Kronbergs set a new Estonian Under-18 record in the 800m at the European Under-20 Championships in Tallinn this summer.

“If you’re a coach, your success always depends on meeting a talented kid. And talent isn’t just her physical abilities, but also her work ethic. Right now, she’s in good shape as a coach. ‘coach,’ Kukk’s said. colleague Toomas Klaup.

“But when it comes to teaching, everything is just great. She’s meticulously precise, correct, demanding. She was chosen as the best class principal in the school by her students. So it’s not about only physical education. She is an award-winning teacher and the main thing is for children to realize that, “Klaup added.

The 64-year-old still has enough energy to hit the stadium after the school day. “I think the [energy] is provided by the students. And once I’m done here I have older students arriving at 5pm. We still don’t have a stadium here. If we had a stadium I probably wouldn’t go to Tartu to train every day, “said the coach.” But some of the best athletes I have today are good! They all came from this school. “

Ille Kukk has great achievements in his athletic career – his individual records in the 3,000m and 5,000m are still Estonian records, even 35 years after being set.

Do young athletes realize that their coach is an Estonian record holder? “Those in my training realize it, but the students know it too. I borrow my shoes from them every now and then and they go home and say, ‘Can you believe it, I have Ille’s shoes? “” said Kukk.

The Estonian Athletics Association will present the European award to Ille Kukk at the end of season gala at the end of the year.

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