Evidence of crime in Athletic’s European fight

Five seasons in a row without a European passport. Five whole years of detecting where individual and collective problems lie. Half a decade without finding the exact formula and with several mantras flying over the sky of San Mames. The main one is that the Athletic too many points are left against teams in the lower part of the standings, which with Valverde on the bench, that didn’t happen. Myth or reality ? The numbers confirm this sentiment and here are the tests.

Between 2013 and 2017, the Lions were considerably more reliable against the ten teams that finished in the bottom half of the table than in the five years since. It would be unfair not to introduce the factor Aduriz into the equation as these are the best moments of San Sebastian’s career. The Athletic never fell below the seventh rung in the rankings during this period and always went to Europe adding an excellent points base against teams that were fighting for salvation.

Athletic’s points baggage vs. bottom 10 of the table in recent seasons


Now these notches are escaping and eventually disappearing in May. Because of the absence of a goal, because of a lack of fluidity, football, occasional errors or other. The fact is that the rojiblancos slip points from their hands in very inopportune circumstances. This campaign, they have achieved a total of 55 units, including 31 against the rivals of the second qualifying sheet (56.4% of the overall amount). What is bloody is that the troops of Marcelino he didn’t make a full six against any of them. Serve as an example the only point collected before the Grenade and what ended up weighing down the defeat in Nasrid lands during the 36th day.

The Athletic it evolved in similar percentages during the 20-21 campaign, although lower in absolute values. 26 notches, it was the baggage against the teams of the engaged part and the total rose to 46 (56.5%). He also didn’t score a double win against anyone. To find the last ‘full six’ of the inhabitants of Bilbao in this section, go to 19-20 in front of the Levant. And in total, 28 points were obtained in the matches against the teams that finished the League from 11th to 20th place.

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The 18-19 season was when he came closest to Europe was the Athletic. The one on the crossbar Inigo Martinez in the Pizjuan. In fact, it was the most reliable version of the lions against the clubs below. He obtained 37 points out of a total of 53 at the end of the course. 69.8%, the highest percentage since 2013. On the other side of the scale is 17-18. The Bilbao team only took 17 units from their locker compared to the last ten and, therefore, closed the League being fifth from the tail. Luckily, there were three that didn’t reach 30: Sports, Las Palmas and Málaga. On the other hand, those of Ziganda They did a lot against the Noble Zone members.

Con ValverdeOn the other hand, the panorama was very different. The Athletic he was frighteningly reliable, he even seemed simple to many. He picked up cruising speed, did his homework when he played and scraped the occasional extra prize against the royalty of the League. At a minimum, 60% of his total points in each of his four campaigns have been earned against underdogs.

13-14 Athletic who qualified for the Champions added a total of 45 points against the ten teams that closed the League

Significant was the 13-14 in which the rojiblancos finished fourth and got a ticket for the Champions League. They tanked against six squads: Malaga, Rayo Vallecano, Getafe and before the three descend (Osasuna, Valladolid and Betis). A spoil of 45 points against the rivals in the second part of the table and 70 final notches (64.3%). In 15-16, the Athletic reached a total of 62, including 41 against the teams with the least potential (66.1%). A season in which he combined the League with the Europa League until he fell in the quarter-finals in the painful and memorable penalty shootout of Seville.

On 16-17, the last of Txingurri in Bilbao, were 39 points against the last ten for a total of 63 (61.9%). The lions finished seventh and had to wait for the defeat of the Alaves at the end of chopped off against him Barcelona stamp your continental passport. 14-15 was the worst with Valverde analyze this type of data. Of course, out of the next five, he’s only improved 17-18. Something that says enough. At Athletic his competition weighed on him Champions and remained at 35 points against the ten clubs that closed the League. Overall, the total was 55 notches (63.6%) that were worth ranking for the Europa League.

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