Ex-sporting director admits growing struggle for Athletic Club in market

Being the sporting director of Athletic Club can be considered in two ways. Since there is only a certain group of players to choose from, it is very easy to narrow the list of transfer targets every summer. Likewise, if you have a need in the team that cannot be met by the academy, it can be very difficult to do so through the market as with other clubs.

According to the last holder of this role, Rafa Alkorta, however, it becomes more difficult. Speaking to Cadena SER, Alkorta explained that he no longer does Athletic have the choice of Basque players, in an interview covered by Diario AS.

“In recent years, it is now more difficult, because the [release] the clauses are higher and higher. Until a few years ago Athletic had La Real players without any problems, and Oyarzabal and Merino are very good players who could play in any La Liga team.

“They are very complete, very good, but they are out of reach for Athletic.”

As much as this may be a function of the internationalization of the market in recent decades, it is also a sign of the progress of Real Sociedad. Despite some difficult times in the 21st century, La Real has become a well-run and attractive destination for players seeking European football.

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