Four British records for Sally Cooke of Luton Athletic Club

A Wonderful Summer: Sally Cooke

Luton Athletic Club’s Sally Cooke has had another outstanding season on the track.

Coached by Gordon Addison, she only returned to serious competition last year, winning the 100m, 200m and 400m at the British Over-50 Age Group Masters Championships, also setting records Britons in the 100 and 400m.

Heading to the same event in Derby, Cooke won the 400m in a World Masters record time of 57.55 seconds, taking the record from Puerto Rico Olympian Marie Lande Matthieu who had held the record since 2007.

Best performer: Sally Cooke

She went on to win the 800m in 2.23 minutes after running the distance only once, six years ago.

It was therefore not unexpected when in Hendon she eclipsed Claire Elm’s British record of 2.18.95 minutes by running more than four seconds faster in 2.14.5 minutes and less than two seconds off the world record.

Cooke also set a 200m record in 26.27 on the track at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, a record held since 2008 by Averil McClelland.

Losing the 100m record to Linford Christie, coached by Michelle Thomas earlier in the season, became the target and in the final open race at Watford she equaled the record in 13.06 seconds, becoming can -to be the only athlete in history to hold consecutive British records in the 100m, 200m, 400m and 800m.

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