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Twenty-four percent of students at Kalamazoo College participate in intercollegiate sports. The Hornet Athletic Association supports 18 MIAA teams, providing resources for equipment, travel, training excellence and the immediate needs of Hornet Athletics. Gifts from alumni, relatives and friends through the Hornet Athletic Association are essential to K.’s student-athlete experience.

Athletics at K

Hornet VolleyballThe Division III student-athletes take both halves of the name seriously. They recognize that their education is the real reason they are in college and they commit to a team beyond their classes because of a genuine passion for their sport. Kalamazoo College offers a balance of rigorous academics and competitive sports as part of an individualized curriculum K-Plan.

Balance • Excellence • Success • Teamwork

Under these guiding principles, K student-athletes learn discipline, persistence, and leadership – skills that they take with them in their careers and communities as alumni.

Join the Hornet Sports Association

As Kalamazoo College continues to develop its athletic programs, we hope you Support Hornet Athletics through the Hornet Athletic Association. Your donation may be unlimited to help us meet the greater needs of Hornet Athletics, or be allocated to an individual sport, or split equally between two or more designations.

The hornet club

Hornet, Stinger, and Hornet Nest support the Hornet Athletic Association with an annual donation of $ 500 or more. These leadership donors ensure that Hornet student-athletes have the best opportunities to develop their skills and participate in high quality programs.

Hornet Athletic Association donor companies

A hornet’s nest
(Gifts of $ 2,000 or more)
(Gifts between $ 1,000 and $ 1,999)
(Gifts between $ 500 and $ 999)
(Gifts between $ 250 and $ 499)
Orange and Black
(Gifts between $ 100 and $ 249)
(Gifts up to $ 99)

All Hornet Athletic Association donors will receive an email newsletter. Hornet Club donors will also receive an invitation to a reunion and reunion weekend reception. Hornet Nest donors will receive special recognition at the Hornet Golf Jamboree.

Learn more about Hornet Athletics

You can learn more about Hornet teams and student-athletes by visiting the Kalamazoo College Athletics website. You may also like Kalamazoo College Athletics on Facebook, and follow @khornets on Twitter for the latest scores, news and updates.


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