La Liga: Athletic Club vs Almeria Best bets

The international break is coming to an end and we are ready for the return of club football, given more competitive action as we prepare for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

We would see Europe’s various pending leagues in action as they compete for a chance to collect more than three points.

To open the games this weekend, Athletic Club will host newly-promoted Almeria for another chance to increase their points tally.

It will undoubtedly be an epic game, as both teams have different seasons. Bilbao have started the season well, while Almeria are struggling to win games.

La Liga standings

However, the season has only just begun. Therefore, the team has time to improve their La Liga standings.

So, we expect this game to be tricky making Athletic Club vs Almeria betting tricky. As we prepare for the game we will be looking at both sides as we provide the best bets for the draw.

Athletic Club v Almeria Information

athletic club To draw Almeria
-250 +333 +550

With La Liga returning, Athletic Club will host Almeria at the San Mames de Bilbao to open the seventh round of fixtures. Both teams have an exciting history playing in the Spanish La Liga.

Their first leg would take place this season on September 30, propelling us into another week of impressive La Liga action. Both teams did not have many players on international duty.

Therefore, we expect them to get into the game hassle-free. It would be an exciting fixture which should give us enough talking points as it kicks off this week’s La Liga schedule.

Previous team scoreboards

Almeria’s previous seasons

The last time the two teams faced each other in the Spanish La Liga was in 2015. It was Almeria’s previous season in the league before now.

Both legs ended in favor of Athletic Club as they faced UD Almeria in a tightly contested draw. They both went there, but Bilbao were the better team each time.

Atlhetic Club’s start to the season

This season, Atlhetic Club have had an impressive start to the season. They are top in the Athletic Club vs Almeria betting stats since they won their last game, and Almeria didn’t.

Bilbao picked up a narrow victory over Rayo Vallecano in their last game. Meanwhile, Almeria lost to RCD Mallorca in a thin game.

Athletic Club vs Almeria Analysis

It’s been a long time since the teams met in the Spanish La Liga. The teams have changed since their last meeting. Almeria have spent the last few years in the lower divisions.

Therefore, we would expect a different team when they visit Bilbao. Almeria have won just one game this seasonwhile Athletic Club won four.

Both teams are lucky to win this game as they would have the chance to increase their points and have a chance to enter the top spots.

The game will be tricky but Athletic Club have the upper hand as they would play at home and have better stats this season.

Odds distribution

Unsurprisingly, Athletic Club are the favorite in Athletic Club vs Almeria betting. The team had a better start to the season as they won more games and picked up more points than Almeria.

Distribution of athletic club odds

Athletic Club have won seven in their last 12 meetings, while Almeria have won two, and the rest have ended in a draw. So we’re not shocked when Athletic got odds of -250 to win this game.

We expect the team to dominate with these odds. Also, their odds of winning are around 71%. However, the team have only won 44% of games with these La Liga odds.

So, we can’t completely count Almeria or cancel the match ending in a draw, considering the team’s previous performance at home.

Almeria Odds Breakdown

Almeria’s odds at +550 are quite high, making it a win for the team complex. Their chances of winning are slimbut we think it’s possible that the team will do something in the game.

It remains a tricky game, but following their previous odds and matches, Athletic Bilbao take the lead in this one.

athletic club

After the first six games of the season, Athletic Club are fourth in the standings. They have won four matches with only one draw and one defeat.

Their first match ended in a goalless draw, but they quickly regained the upper hand when they faced Valencia in the second draw. Against all expectations, the team won its first victory of the season.

They continued in Game 3 when they faced another newly promoted team in the league. They won 4-0 against Cadiz, making them unbeaten in the first three games.

However, the run quickly ended when they played against Espanyol. The team lost to the Catalan club at home in a close match which ended 1-0.

Athletic winning streak

After the loss, Athletic went unbeaten in the last two games. They won 4-1 against Elche CF in an exciting game.

They were the favorites to win but still had to take a chance and win the match, which they did in style. It was an exciting game that Bilbao dominated from start to finish.

After the match, they played Rayo Vallecano. They dominated the first game and made a comebackscoring three goals after falling in the fifth minute.

We expect them to continue their form when they take on Almeria at the start of this week’s streak. It would be an interesting game.


The last time Almeria entered the Spanish La Liga was in the 2014/15 season when the team were relegated.

Almeria struggle

Since then, the team has struggled to return to the top flight league. As they managed to enter La Liga after last season, we expect them to fight for a top spot this season.

The season didn’t start well as they struggled in the first six games. Their first match ended in a 2-1 loss to defending champions Real Madrid.

After that game they got their first point but were still looking for their first win after the game ended 1-1 against Elche, another struggling team this season.

Team trajectory

Luckily for the team, their trajectory continued to climb as they picked up a victory in their next game. It was an interesting game that ended in favor of Almeria.

They finished the match 2-1. But they have since lost 1-0 in their last three games. It doesn’t look too good for the team, but we can see that they can do better.

Athletic Club vs Almeria Pick and Betting Prediction

The battle will be close as Athletic Club take on Almeria. However, we expect the home team to dominate the game. Although it will be a tough tie, we believe Athletic Club will end the game with a win.

So our football picks for this tie would be Athletic Club win and over 2.5.

Soccer picks: Athletic Victory (-250)

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