Match Recap & Highlights Real Madrid Femenino 0-2 Athletic Club



Real Madrid Femenino continue to fight in Primera Iberdrola in a 2-0 loss to Athletic Club de Bilbao. The team have not won in their first five matches and have yet to score a goal other than an own goal.

Las Blancas opened the game on the front foot. Athletic Club struggled to deal with Real Madrid’s press early on, which led to various transition opportunities. Despite some of the positive signs early on, Athletic Club created the most dangerous chances and would have taken the lead had it not been for a last-ditch defense.

Real Madrid‘s problems continued in the second half. Las Blancas managed to pass the ball in the back, but when it was time to progress down the pitch, the offense spat and gave the ball away. Athletic Club opened the scoring in the 64th minute. They got the ball back in the final third and Peke was fed on goal. She stuck the ball in the bottom corner.

  • 3 ‘Las Blancas recovers the ball in a dangerous zone. Lorena Navarro played Athenea lower left. The young winger pushed to the baseline and played a cross aimed at Nahikari Garcia. He was cut and cleared by the defender.
  • 7 ‘Yulema Corres sombrero’ passed the ball over a defender from Las Blancas and hit the ball as it came down. The ball went through the goal and right next to Misa’s far post.
  • Real Madrid managed to get the ball back in midfield which created transition opportunities but struggled to carve out any chances.
  • 16 Athenea protected his defender before turning and driving to the back line of Athletic Club. She cut the ball high in the penalty area for Lorena. Lorena touched to set up her cry before hitting him wide.
  • The Athletic Club immediately looked to strike at the break. Unzue’s touch in the 18-yard penalty area allowed Marta Corredera to pounce on the ball and ward off danger.
  • 19 ‘Azkona intercepted a defensive pass. Babett Peter recovered well and cleared the ball away from the Athletic striker
  • 26 ‘Azkona received a cross at the completely unmarked second post. She dropped the ball and Claudia Zornoza quickly moved. The Madrid midfielder did just enough to deflect the ball into Misa’s hands into the goal.
  • 34 ‘Athenea passes for Caroline Moller Hansen at the top of the box. Moller turned well and fired. His shot was caught by the Athletic goalkeeper.
  • 48 ‘Lucia Garcia slipped as she tried to hit a shot towards the goal. Maite Oroz managed to get in front of the shot and block it.
  • Real Madrid’s struggle to dictate possession and maintain waves of pressure escalated in the second half. Athletic Club were more successful in creating danger in transition and Las Blancas could not create anything in the final third.
  • Peke put Athletic Club ahead 1-0 in the 24th minute. She completed a through pass and clinically finished ahead of Misa.
  • 75 ‘Lucia Garcia was pushed by a long ball over the defense. Real Madrid defenders were able to recover and prevented Garcia from testing Misa.
  • 80 ‘The ball crossed the penalty area for Athenea. She dribbles towards the goal before putting her shot aside.
  • 86 ‘Azkona has doubled the lead for Athletic Club. Misa passed Rocio that she couldn’t control and the Athletic took full advantage of it.

Real Madrid Femenino are back in action on Wednesday. Las Blancas will kick off their UWCL group stage campaign against WFC Zhytlobud-1 Kharkiv. The game will begin at 12:45 p.m. EST.


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