Members of Grantham Athletic Club do well in County Championships

Athletes aged 12 to 66 ran, jumped and threw to win 16 county titles, four club records and 11 personal bests at the recent Lincolnshire Athletics Championships.

Across England, the May weekend has been defined as the weekend of the County Athletics Championships in the country where 14 athletes from Grantham Athletic Club competed in almost 40 athletics events at the Lincolnshire Championships and Humberside or neighboring Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Championships.

Some notable performances over the weekend included a set of families competing for the club.

Athletic Club star veteran Philip Garner. (56790680)” data-root=”/_media/img/” data-path=”9FDWESXIZX7D1I7DTYNX.jpg” data-ar=”0.67″/>
Grantham Athletic Club star veteran Philip Garner. (56790680)

Harriet Jackson (U13G) invited her father Elliott Jackson (Vet Men 1500m) to run and win in his age group. Similarly, Theo Bacon (U13B 1500m) saw his mother Harriet Bacon win her age category at the Vet Women 1500m. Regulars, Sarah and Philip Garner have taken part in numerous throwing events for the club, with some success.

One of the club’s newest athletes, Hattie Newton (U15G) competed in six events over the weekend, including a best of second place in the javelin, a new event for Hattie.

One of the senior athletes, Chris Bainbridge (SenM), won three county titles in senior men’s throwing (hammer, discus, javelin).

Veteran athletes excelled over the weekend. Helen Gilbert (W40) won a county title for the veteran women’s hammer throw and three second-place finishes in her other throws. Mark Atkin (M45) won a county title and a club record in the veteran men’s long jump (Notts).

Philip Garner (U60) won four county titles, four personal bests and one club record (disc) in veteran men’s throws.

And finally, Malcolm Fenton (U65) won two county titles (and club records) in veteran men’s throws. These two new county titles are believed to be Malcolm’s 96th and 97th county titles, won in many decades of competitive athletics. Next year then for the ton!

Results (cr = club record, pb = personal best, sb = best season): U13G Harriet Jackson: 2nd in the 1200m in 4:21.69 bp, 3rd in the long jump 3.40m bp; U13B Theo Bacon: 4th in the 1500m in 5:49.41 sb, 3rd long jump 3.30m, 2nd javelin throw 11.51m; U15G Hattie Newton: 3rd in the 200m in 32.10s, 4th in the 300m in 51.48s bp, 4th in the 800m in 2:53.27 bp, 6th in the 1500m in 6:10.23 bp, 6th in the shot put 5.03m, 2nd javelin throw 12 .96 m bp; Grace Marshall: 1st discus throw 19.60m, 3rd hammer throw 17.66m; U17F Sofia Daniele: 1st in the 100m in 14.08s, 3rd in the long jump 4.84m, 2nd in the triple jump 9.11m; U20M Harry Denton: 2nd in the 1500m in 4:17.71; Sen Women Sarah Garner: 1st in shot put 7.08m, 2nd discus throw 19.76m, 2nd hammer throw 22.45m; Sen Men Chris Bainbridge: 2nd in shot put 11.90, 1st discus throw 35.39m, 1st hammer throw 52.36m, 1st javelin throw 47.22m; Vet Women Harriet Bacon: W40 1st in 1500m in 6: 38.06 pb; Helen Gilbert: W40 2nd in shot put 9.60m, 2nd discus throw 18.63m, 1st hammer throw 38.53m; Vet Men Elliot Jackson: M40 1st in 1500m in 5:03.08 pb; Mark Atkin: M45 1st in the long jump 5.60 m pb cr; Philip Garner: M60 1st shot put 9.52m bp, 1st discus throw 35.04m bp cr, 1st hammer throw 39.35m bp, 1st javelin throw 27.97m bp; Malcolm Fenton: M65 1st discus throw 31.97m cr, 1st hammer throw 42.25m cr

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