Newark Athletic Club claimed victory in the latest Indoor Sports Hall League meeting

A solid performance in the final meeting of the Indoor Sports Hall League season saw Newark Athletic Club claim victory and claim the series title for the first time in years.

Newark CA (54493574)

Coach Jo Smith said: “The whole team worked very hard to deliver an incredible result for Newark.

“Some of our athletes have also been chosen to represent Notts at the Regional Indoor Championships, which is an incredible achievement.”

Newark CA (54493569)
Newark CA (54493569)
Newark CA (54493566)
Newark CA (54493566)

The Women’s Under-11 team of Maisie Mullett, Isla Picker, Lucia Chivers and Freya Burman had a solid game with 53 points for the team, with Maisie and Isla entering the new two-round race and setting a new record.

The team also won the obstacle relay by two seconds, narrowly missing out on the record.

Reuben Shivas, Ben Ludlam, Edward Macintyre and Jacob Dunmore made up the men’s under-11 team.

Reuben finished second in two events and first in his other three events to earn valuable points for Newark.

The boys then won the obstacle relay by scoring maximum points.

The Newark Under-13 girls – Elsie Avis, Megan Lane, Niamh Ford, Stephanie Wakefield and Jemima Elliott – featured debuts for Stephanie and Jemima, who both excelled.

Lewis Biggin, Eric Unigwe, Cameron Shivas, Dominic Taylor, Ben Gosney and Lucas Peel have formed a very strong Boys Under 13 team.

Eric, Cameron and Dominic have appeared in every game this season, with Eric recently winning Athlete of the Game.

The Newark Boys Under-15 were missing Ryley Picker through injury, but his efforts were highlighted by Coach Jessop.

His teammate Tom Coverley, who competed for the first time for Newark, shared first place in the speed rebound while Lex Bowman put in an excellent performance scoring points in the triple jump.

For the first time this season, Elsa Broadberry was absent from the women’s under-15 team due to illness. Madeleine Banks stepped into the team, competing at the Sports Hall for the first time.

Zoe Smith, Athlete of the Game in November, rounded out the team alongside Amy Newbold, who had a winning first year for Newark.

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