North Somerset Athletic Club open their winter campaign in style

The North Somerset Athletic Club juniors recently kicked off their winter campaign in style at the Midland Regional Road Relays at Sutton Park.

Top finishers were Boys Under 15, where Team A won silver, out of 39 teams, with Reuben W finishing in 12 minutes and 40 seconds, closely followed by Joseph F, in 13 minutes and 9 seconds, and Ben C, in 12 minutes and 42 seconds.

The Boys Under 15 B team finished 11th out of 39 teams with James B in 14 minutes and 2 seconds, Joel M in 14 minutes and 35 seconds and finished with a fantastic run from Seb L in 13 minutes and 12 seconds.

The women’s under-13 team finished eighth out of 28 teams with Amelia H in 17 minutes and 18 seconds, Heidi M in 15 minutes and 31 seconds and Olive L in 17 minutes and 30 seconds.

The Boys Under 13 had a good run to finish 19th out of 32 teams with Joel W, in 15 minutes and 41 seconds, Euan M in 15 minutes and James H in 18 minutes and 11 seconds.

The Men’s Under-17 A team finished seventh out of 26 teams. Patrick H in 13 minutes and 36 seconds, Herbie C in 13 minutes and 15 seconds and Sam H, who completed the sixth fastest stage overall, in 12 minutes and 31 seconds.

The Men’s Under-17 B team finished 19th out of 26 teams with Elliot J in 13 minutes and 44 seconds, Jacob F in 14 minutes and 17 seconds and Joseph S in 13 minutes and 53 seconds.

And the Men’s Under-17 C team came 23rd out of 26 teams with Kyle B finishing in 14 minutes and 14 seconds, Nick P in 14 minutes and 21 seconds and Jude W in 14 minutes and 46 seconds.

In the senior men’s team, they had a wonderful day at the six-stop roadhouses from Midland to Sutton Park.

With an average age of 19 and all local, the fantastic work of the coaches to help develop this incredible group of athletes saw the team finish 12th out of 97 teams.

Matt Howard finished fastest with an excellent time of 18 minutes and 23 seconds, closely followed by Sam Gentry, in 18 minutes and 46 seconds, Alfie Hocking, in 18 minutes and 41 seconds, Will Cheek, in 19 minutes and 8 seconds and Ollie Lock, in 19 minutes and nine seconds.

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