Pine Forge Athletic Association sponsors “Night Out”

Vuja De’s Kim and Paul prepare for Pine Forge Athletic Association’s “Night Out”

It may snow today or every day for the next month, but the Pine Forge Athletic Association (PFAA) is thinking spring and has plans in place for fun and entertainment – an EVENING! Saturday, March 5, 2022, 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the Keystone Fire Station, 240 N Walnut Street, Boyertown, PA with food and entertainment.

The event includes a dinner catered by Mission BBQ and music by Kim and Paul of Vuja De. , to keep registration fees as low as possible for our children who want to play baseball and softball,” explained Richard A. Zuber, president of the PFAA.

Registration for the 2022 youth baseball and softball season is now open and marks the start of the 52n/a year of the PFAA. The Association was run in 1970 by Merle Harner and Robert “Skip” Trainer, both of whom had children who wanted to play youth sports. Finding the Boyertown program to be overcrowded, Harner—a longtime resident of Douglass Township, Berks County, and retired union carpenter—and trainer—longtime resident of Douglass Township, Berks County, and former Township supervisor and retired salesman for Prudential Insurance – decided to form PFAA. Zuber succeeded Harner and Trainer and has been involved with the program for more than 30 years, first as a player, then a coach and now president.

The mission of the PFAA is to provide instruction in the fundamentals of the game of baseball and softball and to instill good sportsmanship, emphasizing opportunity to play. His freshman year consisted of one team and 12-15 players who played on a small field located at Pine Forge Elementary School. Today, PFAA games are played on many grounds in Douglass Township, including the Douglass Park complex. The association sports over 30 baseball and softball teams with over 300 players.

Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Pine Forge Sports Association. Donation of $30/ticket. Tickets for the event can be purchased at the Richard A. Zuber Realty office, 201 E Philadelphia Avenue, Boyertown, PA, by calling Zuber at 610-639-0787, or online through the PFAA website: www.pineforge. org.

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