SBLive Sports Announces Digital Content Partnership with Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA)

MONTGOMERY – Alabama High School Athletic Association Executive Director Alvin Briggs announced Tuesday that AHSAA has partnered with nationally renowned Scorebook Live Inc. (SBLive Sports) to serve as the official digital partner of AHSAA. .

“We believe Scorebook Live will help AHSAA elevate its digital media insights and meet its growing needs while providing a quick source for our schools and others wanting up-to-date information,” said Briggs. “Scorebook Live will be an important asset to the AHSAA team and contest information as we move forward.”

As AHSAA’s digital partner, SBLive Sports will be the official digital source for AHSAA scores, schedules, tournament media, game broadcasts, live scores and more from the year 2022-2023 school year in progress.

“Alabama has one of the best high school sports communities in the country,” said Dan Beach, founder and CEO of SBLive Sports. “We’re committed to providing fans with exciting coverage, real-time scores, breaking news, and more, while enabling coaches and athletic directors to easily create and manage schedules, scores, and rosters via our content sharing partnership with DragonFly Athletics.”

“We hope that with the integration of Scorebook Live with DragonFly, it will take our sports to a new level in the world of digital media,” said AHSAA Deputy Director Marvin Chou. “Scorebook Live will be a great partner in helping us showcase our member schools and their programs.”

About SBLive Sports:

SBLive Sports is a sports media and technology company serving the high school sports market with innovative software products and multimedia services. State associations, sports administrators and coaches have a suite of products that allow them to manage tournaments, teams and leagues as well as live games across multiple sports to engage sports fans and schools today in a way they have come to expect from professional and collegiate sports organizations and media companies.

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