Scarborough Athletic Club rising star Jackson Smith takes second place in the 10k

Scarboroughs 1st woman races to the finish

The overall winner was 19-year-old Harry Butterworth, who now competes for Cardiff Metropolitan University in mostly high-level triathlon events, where his running leg may be his best discipline and has won him a decisive victory in very windy weather as a youngster. of the six previous winners.

Jackson Smith, 17, finished second overall, which was the club’s best overall result since Daniel Agustus chased down Ricky Stevenson – the all-time course record holder in 2010.

Rhona Marshall continues to own this event after finishing first woman for the fifth time and the second year in a row.

Scarborough AC’s Mick Thompson battles to the finish line

The club has achieved many results among the top age groups. Jackson Smith first under 18, first over 40 from Rhona Marshall, Daniel Bateson second over 40, Glynn Hewitt second over 50, Neil Scruton first over 75 (of nine others) and press secretary Mick Thompson who competed for the first time since 2011 when he was first Over-70 was second Over-80 this time.

Nine club members acted as Race Pacemakers as follows; Paul Lawton 45 mins, Anthony Gough 50 mins, Chris Bourne 55 mins, Lisa Baker 60 mins, Caroline 65 mins, Adie Atkinson 70 mins

Full male results: J. Smith 34.30, D Bateson 35.33, G. Hewitt 39.34, R. Sheader 39.44, M. Middleton 40.45, S. McEwan 42.38 PB, D. Baldwin 43.11, M. May 43.35, N. Scruton 45.43, A. Gosling 45.40 dp, M. Colling 47.02, A. Chidwick 49.20 dp, N. Eva 49.53, N. Millican 52.03 dp, P. Danerolle 52.07 dp, S. Forbes 49.12 dp, T. Carrington 49.46, D. Shipley 50.43, D. Deacon 52.22 PB, D, Tomlinson 53.41, A. Millican 60.13, R. Hyde 61.32 PB, H. Whitehouse 60.57, P. Dickinson 61.46, J. Walker 64.18 , M. Padgham 74.57, P. Davies 76.06 , A. Southwick 82.56. Mr. Thompson 92.56

Complete female results: R. Marshall 39.17, A Giddings 44.08, D. Day 45.58 PB, K. Willis 49.32, H. Butterworth 50.39, J. Pilgrim 52.28, A.Kitto, 55.46, J. Ireland 52.23, J. Kettlewell 57.42 PB, F. Debenham 58.07, E. Millican 59.26 PB, M Padgham 60.44, A. Kitto 62.05, S. Field 62.50, S. Hinchliffe 65.29, B. May 66.15, A. Metcalfe 67.19, L. Lester 71.14, C. Bilton 75.15, S. Villiers 71.14, E. Raper 74.17, J. Hopkins 74.17, M. Slater 74.19, S. Parsons 75.49.

Scarborough 10k 2022 photo Richard Ponter

Three club members participated in the Amsterdam Marathon.

The trio was led by Andrew Hopper who finished in 3 hours 8 minutes, within a good-for-age (GFA) time at the London Marathon.

Rebecca Dent was also inside the GFA time with 3 hours 41 minutes. Graham Casey followed in 4 hours 9 minutes.

Six club members participated in the Yorkshire Marathon in York.

Scarborough Athletic Club youngster Jackson Smith comes in second… pic Richard Ponter

Darryl Koekemoer was the club’s first finisher in 3 hours 8 minutes.

He was followed by five marathon debutants led by Simon Neal who debuted in 3 hours 40 minutes which was a GFA time for his age group, Paul Griffiths in 4 hours 40 minutes, Hilary Casey 5 hours 12 minutes, Lianne Koekemoer 4 hours 30 minutes, and Rachel Fields 4 hours 58 minutes.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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