Scarborough Athletic Club runners achieve personal best in Snake Lane 10 Mile Road Race

Scarborough Athletic Club runners line up before the Snake Lane 10 mile road race

Twelve set personal bests over the 10-mile distance.

The club’s first finisher and sixth overall in 1301 was James Kraft who set an extremely remarkable best time of 55.35.

This improved his time in 2007 by finishing second overall in the Wykeham 10-Mile Race, which was then the main club race before the launch of the Yorkshire Coast 10K two years later.

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Andy Messenger followed in 35th place with a PB of 60.18 and Glyn Hewitt rounded out the men’s team, which finished second, with a PB of 62.32.

The club runners were driven home by Rhona Marshall who finished sixth in the women’s overall out of 612 in 64.59.

Rebecca Dent followed in 45th with a seven-minute PB of 74.06.

Claire O’Neil closed in on the team with a PB of 81.16

Scarborough Athletic Club runners in action during the Snake Lane 10 mile road race

Other male results and PB: P. Lawton 68.13, D. Field 77.20, C. Bourne 77.55, T Carrington 78.22, D. Marshall 78.50 PB, A. Atkinson 84.38, R. Broadley 86.19 and 3rd on-70, C. Wade 92.19, A. Doody 97.09 PBH Whitehouse 98.00 PB, T. Rawling 122.52

Other female results and PB: J. Trown 84.19 PB, N. Doody 84.38 PB, L. Bourne 86.00, M. Fletcher 87.15 PB, D. Trown 90.19 PB, M. Padgham 95, 35, L. Hinchliffe 99.42, J. Kettlewell 101.38, S.Houghton 102.23.

The club’s second claim Bronwen Owen competed for Leeds City Athletic Club at the English National Cross Country Championships, which took place at the famous Parliament Fields course in West London.

After three consecutive victories at the Welsh National Championships, she moved on to lead her club to a team victory after finishing third in the 1,010 top club runners.

Twenty-six members of the Scarborough Athletic Club took part in the first ever North Yorkshire Water Park Parkrun.

Daniel Bateson was the club’s first on the two-lap course by finishing fifth overall and second out of 40 out of 207.

Sarah Noble led the club’s women to sixth in 92.

As this was the first Parkrun on this site, five members of the club set course records by age group after their first placings; Evie Lees JW 15-17, Andrew Hopper VM50, Julie Clayton VW55 and Shirley Field VW60.

Other Men’s Results: D. Smart 3rd Over 50, A. Gough 3rd Over 40, T, Carrington 25th, D, Field 2nd Over 55, H. Coles 2nd 11-14, C. Clayton 3rd Over 55, G , Shelton 4th of-60, P. Barnard 10th of-55, M. England 4th of-11-14, R. Gough 4th of-70, M.Thompson 2nd of-80.

Other female results: Lees 2nd over 11-14, V. O’Neil 3rd over-40, S. Marr 8th over-50, S. Vaughan 7th over-40, A. Metcalfe 5th over-60, S. Parsons 4th over- 55, C. Bilton 11th Over 40, S, Carr 7th Over 60, W. Pattison 14th Over 50.

Seven members of the Scarborough Board participated in the last Sewer Parkrun Saturday.

Neil Scruton was first for the club in 10th overall out of 143 and as usual first in the over-70s.

Pauline Elliot led a trio of clubs in second over 40 years.

Other male results: Mike Padgham 2nd Over-65, Alan Keenan 1st Over-75.

Other female results: Hester Butterworth 2nd Over 50, Mary Slater 2nd Over 70, Patricia Keenan 3rd Over 70.

Scarborough AC’s Jennie Kettlewell was the 31st woman overall of 78 at the latest Dalby Forest Parkrun Saturday morning.

Ekaitz Enanue was the fifth Over-40.

Harry Whitehouse participated in the Watermead National Park Parkrun at Syston Leicester.

The veteran runner finished 93rd out of 246 runners and was second over the age of 70.

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