Scarborough Athletic Club’s Paul Lawton takes victory in the York Chocolate 10K event

Scarborough Athletic Club runners impress at York Chocolate 10K event

This route is over and around the York Knavesmire, and passes the site of Terry’s former chocolate factory.

Paul Lawton finished first overall in 245 in 39.22. Nicola Doody led all women at the club finishing 16th in the overall women’s ranking and fourth in the over-45s.

The club has achieved very good results in female and male veterans.

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Scarborough Athletic Club’s Daniel Bateson at Cock Howe

Ann Kitto directed All Women Over 65 and Hilary Casey directed All Women Over 60.

Club chairman David Field finished second in the over-55s, Chris Wade second in the over-60s and Adrian Atkinson third in the over-45s.

Other female results by gender: 20. J. Trown, 22. M. Fletcher, 26. D. Trown, 28. K. Wills, 65. J. Fish, 130. J. Hopkins, 148. W. Pattison, 151 . Mr. Day.

Andrew Doody was 97th overall.

Twenty-one club members took part in the last North Yorkshire Waterpark Parkrun.

Joseph Merron made a notable debut when he was the club’s first finisher and 11th overall out of 155.

Nikki Carr Walls again led the club’s women’s Parkrunners, after finishing first overall in women’s 68.

David Field and Dale Hepples join the many volunteers who make this popular weekly event possible.

Other male results: S. Forbes 18th overall, A. Carr 3rd 11-14, D. Fox 2nd Over 70, C. Wright 1st Over 65, D. Lester 5th Over 45 PB, P. Barnard 7th Over 55, Mr. Padgham 2nd on-65, Mr.Thompson 1st on-80, R, Gough 3rd on-70.

Other Female Results: N. Doody 1st Over-45, R, Frank 2nd Over-50, S. Kingscott 4th Over-45 PB, A. Hornsby 5th Over-55, A. Metcalfe 1st Over-60, L. Lester 4th Over of 45 PB, S. Tait 6th Over 55, S. Vaughan 8th Over 40, F. Carr 4th 11-14, N. Edmond 8th Over 55 PB, S, Carr 4th Over 60 PB.

Neil Scruton and his two grandsons took part in the Beverley Westwood Parkrun.

Neil finished 17th overall in the 200 and first in the over-75s.

Seb and Alex Scruton finished third and fourth respectively 11-14 men.

Two club members participated in the last Rother Valley Parkrun.

Robert Preston finished 7th overall out of 280. Sarah Marshall finished 47th out of 110 women and fourth in the over 45s.

Glyn and Lorraine Hewitt participated in the Cinder Track Whitby Parkrun.

Glyn finished second overall in 117 and first in the over-50s.

Lorraine Hewitt was 17th out of 42 women and fifth in the over-50s.

Aaron Padgham and his mother Melanie Padgham took part in the last Sewerby Parkrun.

Aaron was 34th overall out of 177, and Melanie was 13th overall out of 65 women and second in the over-60s.

A week earlier, Robbie Preston took part in the famous Tolkien Pennine Trail Race, based at Stonyhurst College Clitheroe.

The course consisted of an 11 kilometer test with 560 feet of elevation.

Preston raced very well to finish third overall in the 280 in 44.37.

Five club members competed in the fourth race of the Esk Valley Fell Club Summer League races, which started and ended at Chop Gate.

The club’s fallen runners maintained a string of impressive results in the league, when Dan Bateson finished first overall and our women’s team of Rhona Marshall and her mother Sue Haslam, between them, scored enough points for a first score team after Rhona finished 3rd and Sue 6th overall first in the over-65s.

Robbie Preston finished 14th overall and Neil Scruton 45th and first Over-75.

Six members of the club competed in various triathlon events based at the stately home of Castle Howard.

The above average warm weather, strong winds and hilly courses increased the challenge for all and especially for those who are not regular triathletes.

In the Super Sprint event which consisted of a 400 meter swim / 20 meter cycle / four kilometer run, Hester Butterworth finished fifth in the overall women’s standings and first in the over-50s.

Three female members of the club participated in The Gauntlett race which consisted of the official Half Ironman distance with: 1.9 km swim / 56 miles bike / half marathon.

Sarah Noble led the trio after finishing 16th and sixth in Senior. It was followed by; Julie Clayton 20th and fourth over 50 and Nikki Carr Walls 25th and eighth senior.

Duncan Smart competed in the standard duathlon which consisted of an 11 kilometer run, a 28 mile cycle and another seven kilometer run.

He finished this difficult event in seventh position overall and 1st in the over-50s.

Lisa Baker competed in a standard (Olympic) distance event for the very first time. It consisted of a 1500 meter swim, a 40 kilometer cycle and a 10,500 meter and included top athletes.

Lisa held on well to finish 17th in the over 40s and ahead of 10 women overall.

On July 23, Neil and Margaret Scruton took part in the South Shields Parkrun.

Neil finished 29th overall out of 222 and first in the over-75s. Margaret finished first in the over-70s.

Lynn Watson competed in the Alexander Parkrun Manchester and finished 50th overall woman out of 107 and 1st over 60.

Three members of the club took part in the Dalby Forest Parkrun.

David Fox finished 34th overall out of 105 and 2nd out of 70. Nicola Doody finished 4th overall in the women’s over 46 and 1st over 45. Andrew Doody finished 4th in the over 50s

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