St. Clair College Athletic Association sells Fratmen football team to college

The St. Clair College Saints Student Athletic Association announced that it would sell the St. Clair College Fratmen football team to the college.

The SSAA is a separate entity from St. Clair College.

Going forward, the team‘s name will be the St. Clair College Saints and it will continue to compete in the Ontario Football Conference this fall.

The St. Clair Fratmen football team had its first season in the fall of 2021, playing in the Ontario Football Conference.

“What happened during the offseason was that we had a tremendous increase in the number of student athletes who were interested in becoming a varsity athlete at St. Clair,” said Ron Seguin, Vice President student services at St. Clair College.

Seguin says he is proud to be part of the college as this milestone is reached.

“Being the first college in Ontario to fully implement college football into its offering is very important to us. We’ve built enough of a stadium to attract the athletes, to attract the community.”

Seguin says the college property turnaround has happened faster than the team expected.

“We always thought we would get to this point, we just didn’t think it would be that fast, but for that reason and to be more inclusive in our academic department, the suggestion actually came from the students and we’re there. . “

The St. Clair College Saints football team has begun practice and will open their season Saturday, August 13 at 7 p.m. at Acumen Stadium on South Campus.

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