Time to freak out for Auburn football recruiting according to The Athletic

Auburn’s recruiting class of 2023 is currently the last in the SEC. A little.

The Tigers class has a total of 118.96 points, per 247Sports. The next closest team, Missouri, has 129.85 points.

Auburn has a lot of ground to cover before the end of the cycle, and it doesn’t look like the Tigers are going to put a ton of stock there. It looks like there will be more focus on the transfer portal, at least for the next year.

Antonio Morales of Athleticism recently published an article about its “recruitment panic index” on several major college football teams.

The Tigers, unsurprisingly, land on the roster.

“The attempt to oust Bryan Harsin after a difficult first season has failed, but the uncertainty over his professional status is obviously at an all-time high,” Morales wrote. “And uncertainty is the ultimate killer on the recruiting trail. There were concerns about Harsin’s recruiting prowess before the coup attempt, especially with Alabama and Georgia being the main rivals in ‘Auburn, but the turmoil has essentially doomed the program’s short-term recruiting efforts. have commitments from three of those state blue chippers, but unless Harsin has a great season on the court , it’s hard to envision Auburn raising their recruiting to the level they need to be relevant in the SEC.”

“Panic level: send help.”

It’s a tough place for Bryan Harsin and the Tigers.

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