University Sports Association conference cancels winter sports season


The University Athletic Association (UAA) Council of Presidents unanimously approved a resolution to cancel all official UAA winter sports competitions for the 2020-21 season.

SAU schools include Emory, Chicago, WashU, Rochester, NYU, Case Western Reserve, Carnegie Mellon, and Brandes.

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From the University Sports Association:

Over the past few months, several UAA committees comprising of sports administrators, vice presidents and deans, representatives of athletics faculties, sports coaches and others have met regularly to review how sports competitions d winter could unfold as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect UAA campuses, their communities and the nation. During these discussions, it became clear that a significant number of issues related to the implementation of NCAA recommended testing protocols for winter sports; current limitations on institutional travel; local and state travel quarantine guidelines; local restrictions on the size of group gatherings; event management; and contingency planning to provide care for people who may test positive or become symptomatic while traveling present challenges that cannot be resolved in a way that would facilitate an acceptable level of risk mitigation for students. -athletes, coaches, officials, staff and others involved in the conduct of a SAU winter sports competition.

As a result, member institutions within the UAA can determine which UAA competitions, if any, currently scheduled, they are able to maintain. As establishments strive to identify and schedule the competition with establishments outside of the SAU, they remain committed to cooperating with each other to adjust the remaining viable competition dates in the SAU to fit together. offer as much flexibility as possible in overhauling their winter schedules. .

“I am grateful to the Athletic Directors of the eight UAA member schools and to the UAA Executive Vice President Dick Rasmussen for their commitment and dedication over the past few months to think about how best to support our university athletes, ”said Farnam Jahanian, President of Carnegie Mellon University and Chairman of the Council of Presidents of the UAA. “Our athletic programs bring such vitality and school spirit to our communities. While it is very disappointing to envision another season without UAA competition, our commitment to student health and safety is at odds with a conference program that would require traveling significant distances. We look forward to a return to the game in the UAA as soon as we can, and I have no doubts that we will be stronger than ever when we can compete again.

This resolution applies only to sports for which the University Athletic Association sponsors championship competitions during the winter (ie basketball, swimming and diving, indoor athletics and wrestling). The Sports Administrators Committee intends to address spring sports separately over the next few months as circumstances change and more information becomes available to guide decisions.

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