West Cheshire Athletic Club: Chester Marathon Tour


Michael Young at the Chester Half Marathon

Michael Young achieved a record performance in the Chester Half Marathon.

The West Cheshire AC runner broke the senior men’s and men’s club half marathon record with a time of one hour 11 minutes 22 seconds.

He was joined at the finish line in Town Hall Square by club teammates Neil Finegan (third man over 45 in 1:17:51), David Shearer (seventh man over 35 years old in 1:18:02), Steve Fernyhough (10th over 40 years old in 1:22:40), Steve King (ninth man over 45 years old in 1:23:35), Steve Duffy (13th man over 40 in 1:23:48), Graham Wells (11th over 45 male in 1:24:30), Wullie McGarrell (fifth over 55 in 1:24:51), Ben McKean (27th man over 35 in 1:28:30) and Andy Carter (sixth man over 50 in 1:28:59).

Neil Finegan at the Chester Half Marathon

Fiona Cook reached third place in her women’s over 35 category with a time of 1:29:07, ahead of her teammates Andrew Clague (seventh man over 50 in 1:29:30), Danny Paddock (60th in the 17 -34 years old in 1:35:26), Colin Berry (18th man over 50 years old in 1:37:08), Brian Wright (4th man over 65 years old in 1:44:20 ), Steve Hillier (82nd 40 male in 1:45:50), David Irving (86th male over 35 in 1:47:58), Stephen Ball (103rd male over 40 in 1:48:44 ), Claire Williams (16th woman over 45 in 1:49:54), David Sefton (134th man over 35 in 1:58:22), Sarah Hibbert (28th woman over 50 in 2 : 09: 01) and Mark Povey (2:25:03) who is struggling with illness.

Eloise Eccles, of West Cheshire AC, finished second and sixth overall in the Self Transcendence 24 hour track race at Battersea Park Millennium Arena, where she completed 133 miles which is an automatic qualification for Spartathlon, more a 100 mile split time of 16 hours. 47 minutes.

Andy Carter, Fiona Cook and Ben McKean at the Chester Half Marathon

Ruby Carlile, Harriet Wheeler and Sophie Haslam of West Cheshire AC secured the top two places in the Liverpool jumping and throwing competition.

Carlile won the women’s Under-15 triple jump with 8.14m and crossed 1-35m for second place in the high jump, while Wheeler won the women’s Under-15 javelin with 37.29 m and Haslam reached 4.14m for second place in the under 15 girls’ long. jump.

The West Cheshire AC trio of Ruby Phillips, Jessica Lark and Luke Parker all reached the podium in the first round of the North Staffs Cross Country League. They all secured second place in their age group races held at Betley Court Farm near Crewe.

Luke Parker at Betley

Phillips finished the girls ‘Under-13 race, while Lark led the Under-15 girls’ team from Aimee Phillips (sixth) and Cosette Wearden (11th) in first place, and Parker a finished in front of his teammate Ellis Hancock (14th) in the boys under 15 years old. Event.

Daniel Walker (11th) and Mack Tordoff (31st) finished the Under-13 race for the boys, while sisters Georgina and Henrietta Duffey finished 12th and 13th in the Under-17 respectively, and their mother, Alex , finished 94th among women. Paul Morrison finished the men’s under-20 event in sixth place, while Steve Fernyhough (27th), Dave Alexander (42nd) and Andrew Clague (48th) finished the senior and veteran men’s event and are third in the general classification of the team event of division 2.

Nathan Brassington scored 2,236 points representing Cheshire at the English Schools Combined Events Championships in Bedford. The West Cheshire AC junior pentathlete clocked 12.95 seconds in the 80m hurdles, reached 10.13m in the shot put, long jump 5.08m, crossed 1-68m in the high jump and crossed the 800 m in 2 h 40, 30.

Ruby, Sophie and Harriet at the Liverpool Jumps & Throws

Jessica Lark ran the mile at Bebington Oval and set a new West Cheshire AC Under-15 age group record of 5: 34.1. This weekend’s fixtures include the West Cheshire AC Schools Cross Country Races at Ellesmere Port Sports Village on Saturday (registration at 9:30 am for Grades 3 and 4, starting at 10 am). There will be races for 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th students.

Further information on the West Cheshire Athletic Club is available at: www.westcheshireac.co.uk

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