Without debate between the three candidates for the presidency of Athletic

The Association and the Basque College of Journalists have withdrawn their offer to organize a debate between the three candidates for the presidency of Athetic. It therefore does not seem that there will be a meeting between Barkala, Arechabaleta and Uriarte to defend and discuss their respective projects.

“In view of the controversy that has arisen, based on all kinds of hoaxes and unverified rumors that seek to question our impartiality and our good work, and having not yet received an official response (affirmative or negative) from two of the three candidacies for the presidency of Athletic, despite our insistence, the Association and the Basque College of Journalists have decided to withdraw the offer made to them to organize an open debate for the media between the three candidates”, points out the note issued by the said group.

“This decision is due to outrage and deep sadness that a well-meaning offer from us has been misunderstood and used in a torturous and self-serving manner, both by those managing the respective applications in vying, and by some communicators in the sports field who, from the respective media for which they work, have freely thrown a cloak of undeserved suspicion on us since yesterday, when they started talking about it on social networks, without the Association or the Basque College of Journalists having spoken in this regard or have confirmed through one of their usual communication channels that we have closed the aforementioned three-way debate, let alone the format in which it will take place,” the statement continued.

After having argued their decision, from this group they conclude that “Athletic is not just a football club, it is an icon and a reference for our land and our culture all over the world. In our opinion, it deserves more seriousness and loftiness from those who aspire to lead it and from those who devote themselves to informing about their daily work and say they carry its colors in their hearts”.

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